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Quality of Service

By working with me, you can expect a level of professionalism and efficiency of service. I’m a professional guitarist/artist, Orchestrator, a producer, and a composer. I have taken part in various Festivals and International guitar competitions around the globe with excellent performance. I recorded some guitar tracks for a project of a Grammy-nominated composer/producer Rick Hale, also for the Rock Emporium Project of the ex.Elegy and Crystal Tears vocalist Ian Parry just to name a few. I develop video guitar lessons in my well-equipped home studio. I am a music & Technology Specialist with a great passion for music.

Services offer:

– Guitar Recording
– Drum Programming
– Compose and arrangements of songs
– Music for films
– Music for games
– Music for TV
– Orchestration and much more

Feel free to contact me for custom orders and services.

Artist Quotes

Rick Hale : Composer, Grammy Nominated Producer and Musician
“Thiago brought an advanced and creative force to my track “Water” with his fluid “shredding” and creative approach to lead guitar. I look forward to working together in the future.”

Michael Angelo Batio : Solo Artist
I had the pleasure of working with Thiago Trinsi last year. Thiago is an amazing guitarist. His sense of melody is great and his legato and tapping techniques are flawless.

Richard Hallebeek : Solo Artist
“I’ve had the pleasure of hearing and seeing Thiago live and man.. this guy smokes! He has this incredible fluid technique, and besides that knows how to solo through chord changes in a really natural, musical way that is lightyears ahead from the average player. Blend in some soulful, always pitch-perfect bending and vibrato and there you have Thiago in full effect! I’m really looking forward to hearing more of Thiago’s originals in the future. Since he is so relaxed and fun to be around, he’s got got the perfect package to be the next big thing. Rock on Thiago, I am listening!”

Garry King : Drummer/ Producer
“As a background I have worked as well as play with a number of top artists including Jeff Beck, Joe Lynn turner, Paul McCartney and Darkyra Black to name a few. As a producer on many tracks I am also recognised and endorsed by one of Europe’s top recording software developers Magix with Samplitude Pro X in Germany.
I have had the pleasure to work with ‘T’ on a number of great musical masterpieces over the last 6 years, most composed by the man himself. Thiago has a talent that shines over so many other guitar players of our day. He is less obvious, very creative yet still very commercial and also very inspiring, as a drummer his tracks are a joy to play on and contribute ideas too.
Thiago also has the talent to produce great tracks himself for other artists in his studio having a natural ear for good overall sound conception in many genres of music.
I look forward to more collaboration with T over this next exciting period of our careers and recommend that if interested you contact Thiago for his production ideas and skills.”

Aaron Carey : Sound Engineer
“I’ve recorded and mixed several albums featuring the super shredders of the world, like George Lynch, Marty Friedman and Tommy Gibbons. When you start pushing the faders and turning the EQ knobs, it becomes immediately apparent that you are working on something timeless and epic. Loading up Thiago Trinsi’s guitar tracks in solo for the Guitar Wizards album was no different.”

Mike Lepond : Bassist of Symphony X
” Thiago has the versatility and natural ability to give a song exactly what it needs. He can play the sweetest melody or fastest notes you’ve ever heard.”

Ian Parry : Singer Producer /Rock Emporium/Consortium Project/Elegy  “Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Thiago in person, I feel a strong musical connection after Thiago blew me away with not only his excellent guitar solo on my latest album, but also his keyboard orchestration was masterful. Such a pleasure to work together. keep on Rockin’ mate” 

Gina Bafile : Lead singer and founder of Symphonic band Darkyra Black based in Australia 

“It’s been almost two years since the release of the Debut Darkyra Black album, Dragon Tears. Featured track Kiss of the Dragon is still to this day considered one of it’s highlights. Thiago Trinsi, “virtuoso extraordinaire” and his memorable outro solo leave a lasting impression on the listener. A true master of his craft and a really great friend. I highly recommend his work.” – Gina Bafile

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